Infos - I Bash Zombies

What Is It?
‘I Bash Zombies (with my wiimote of doom)’ is that monster-bashing thing I’ve wanted to make ever since I realised I could. In its current form, it’s a Minecraft mini-game where you hit zombies by swinging a wiimote.

A prototype was shown at GameCity Nights in early 2014, where it was extremely well received despite alarming technical difficulties.

How Many Players?

What Does It Look Like?
With the normal Minecraft visuals/textures, it looks like this. It’s a medium-sized room with a zombie spawner in the middle. There are a few corridor areas to the sides and back of the room. The room is decorated with chiselled quartz blocks. The corridor that the player stands in has a deep pit at one end, and zombies at the other.

Is There A Video?
Yep. Here you go:

Peripherals Used
Wii remote that can be reliably paired with a computer (i.e., without motion plus built in).

Optionally, a foam sword – the handle of the sword should be big enough for the wii remote to be attached to it. Alternatively it might be possible to build a foamboard housing for the wii remote that looks like a Minecraft sword. I haven’t tried yet but there are several 'make your own Minecraft Sword' templates online to start from.

What Other Equipment Does It Use?
Computer ,Screen, Wii Remote (as above). Computer must have Bluetooth either built in or via a dongle, and must be capable of running Minecraft 1.6.4.

What Software Does It Use?

Links last updated on 28 July 2014.

I've Got All That, How Do I Make It Go?

So, you've got/downloaded/installed/set up all the software stuff from above? Right then:

  1. Unzip the savefile for the minigame and put it in the Minecraft 'saves' folder - on Windows this is "%appdata%\.minecraft\saves".
  2. Run Minecraft and choose the Forge 1.6.4 profile you've set up with the mods listed above (if you don't know how to set up Forge and install mods, the internet can help).
  3. Choose 'Single Player' and then choose the minigame world; it's called "Zombie Slayer 2".
  4. Press F6 to change the settings on the "Mob Spawn Controller 2". You want to move all the monsters in "configs > mob types" to "none/unknown", except for the zombies. Then in "configs > spawn controls > master settings" choose "monster" and dial everything up as high as it'll go. Then in "settings", turn the spawn cap for monsters as high as it'll go, and set the frequency to... actually I don't know if you want a really high number or a low number here - I've currently got it set to 1 (if I'm honest I'm unsure if these spawn settings -apart from making it zombies only- do anything to impact spawn rate from spawners, but I set them anyway). Click "close" on the mod's main menu to exit this screen.
  5. Change the game mode to "Adventure" using the Minecraft command "gamemode adventure".
  6. Change the controls settings in the Minecraft 'options' menu, so that 'Attack' is set to the 'B' key. (Of course, you can change it a different key if you like, but make sure you edit the GlovePIE script to match.)
  7. Run GlovePIE (it asks for administrator rights, but that's okay), and load the .PIE file you downloaded from the "What Software Does It Use?" list above.
  8. Connect your Wii Remote to the computer over bluetooth (I can't help you with this either, ask the internet if you don't know how).
  9. You're almost done. Run the GlovePIE script, then switch back to Minecraft.
  10. Using the mouse, press the top-most button on the wall next to where your Minecraft character is standing. This gives you (them) an iron sword. Make sure the sword is selected in your inventory.
  11. Press the lower button on the wall to set the difficulty to "hard", which will cause an influx of zombies.
  12. You're ready. Swinging the Wii remote will make your Minecraft character swing their sword, and also make a nice clanging sword sound.
  13. Defend yourself! Don't let the zombies push you backwards as you'll fall down the deep pit behind you. This is bad.
  14. It's okay, if you fall down the pit the game will pick you up and put you back where you started, ready to go again.

Dimensions Of The Peripherals/Display/Setup

How It Works
Magic! No, wait. Not magic.

How It Challenges Traditional Form Of Input

How It Enhances The Gaming Experience

Anything Else?
"Doom" could be written as "D00m" instead.